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Carry On (2018) is available on a 2 panel full color digipak CD featuring 6 tracks of Whitney Mongé original music. The album was recorded at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle, WA and self produced. Engineered and Mastered by Rachel Fields/Rosonant Mastering. Tracks include: Be Mine, Day N Nite, Born Without Wings, Wish You Waited, The Family, and Carry On*. Special thanks to accompanyment by Arthur James, Skyler Mehal, and Marina Albero. 


*hidden track "In These Arms: by Glen Hansard

Carry On Physical CD

  • Returns and exchanges are only available for CDs that arrive damaged and/or won't play. If CD is inoperable, I will send you another one free of charge. This applies for only 30 days after the order is placed. 

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